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Session on Yoga - NCC: July 28, 2019

Date of Event(s) 28-07-2019
Department / AssociationNCC
VenueSFS College Hebbagodi:
Number of Participants: 100

Resource Person(s) with qualification (brief profile): NA
Books (if published): NA
Place of visit/ details of Industrial visit place: NA

On 28th July 2019, Yoga Practice session along with PT Parade was conducted at the College under the guidance of Lt. Sampath Kumar R., the ANO. More than 100 Cadets actively participated in this event.

The aim of conducting Yoga activity was to help the cadets to understand the importance and benefits of yoga. This activity proved to be helpful to all the Cadets to refresh and refill their minds with positive energy.

Yoga postures like Surya Namaskara, Asana, Prana Yama and Meditation were practised. The practise was facilitated by one of the army SW Cadets who has completed her state level yoga training.

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