Internal and External Examination Guidelines

5.1 University Exams Guidelines
Bangalore University holds examinations at the end of each semester. For a pass in the University Semester Examinations, a student is required to score a minimum of 40%. For the subjects with practical, a student has to pass in the theory and the practical separately. The end semester University examination schedule is published in the University calendar and the same is given in the college calendar. The submission of examination forms and remittance of fees takes place at least two months ahead of the commencement of the examination. Students who have completed the course and yet have papers to be cleared should keep in touch with the college office to apply for supplementary examination. The time table for the exams will be announced one month before the commencement of the examination.

A candidate should have a minimum 75% attendance per semester, in each paper to be permitted to take the end-semester examinations.

The marks for the attendance will be awarded as follows:

Attendance Percentage Marks Allotted
91-100 5
86-90 4
81-85 3
76-80 2

The grades will be awarded as follows, based on the percentage of marks.

Percentage of Marks Grade Interpretation
85-100 A+ Outstanding
75-84 A Very Good
65-74 B Good
55-64 C Average
45-54 D Below Average
40-44 E Poor
39 and below F Fail
FA Fails due to absence/attendance shortage

5.2 Internal Examinations Guidelines
• All students must bring their Identity Card and Hall Ticket to the examination without fail. Students without these will not be allowed to write the exam.
• The Answer Booklet will be provided by the College for writing the examinations.
• Students who arrive late will not be permitted to write the exams.
• Students should be present in the Examination Hall at least 15 minutes before the start of the examination.
• The Roll Number, Name of the student, Class, Course Code, Course Title, and the student's signature should be clearly written on the cover page of the Booklet.
• Any form of malpractice will be dealt with seriously.
• Scribbling in the Question Paper is not allowed, as it is considered an act of malpractice.
• Electronic gadgets are prohibited in the campus during examination days.
• Students are not allowed to leave the Examination Hall for reasons such as drinking water or using the restroom.
• Borrowing writing materials, calculators, or other stationery items is not permitted.
• Students can keep their bags and books in the designated space provided.
• No student is allowed to leave the examination hall before the scheduled exam time.

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