Role and Governance of the Office of Examinations

1.1 Internal Examinations
In case of Internal exams, it is the duty of the office of examinations to take care of pre- examination arrangements, call for question papers in the prescribed format, print question papers, make arrangement for the exam rooms, assign invigilation, enable the distribution of question papers and ensure that the examinations are conducted in smooth and effective manner with zero tolerance for malpractice of any kind. After the completion of the exam, the office also ensures the distribution of collected answer paper bundles to the respective subject faculty.

The COE also ensures that within a week’s time from the completion of the internal examinations, the valued answer scripts are returned to the students; the marks are entered in the ERP – Linways Technology portal and the same is made accessible to the students as and when entered.

In case of grievances, if any, related to examinations, the student can directly approach the COE or write to the office of exams at the mail id:

1.2 Bangalore University Examinations
During the end semester University examination, the office of examinations ensure the smooth conduct of the examination based on the time table. The process involves receiving question papers from the University, allotting invigilation duty, distribution of question papers and answer booklets to the room invigilators. After the end of exams the examination, answer bundles are collected, packed and sent to the University.

1.3 Governance of the Office of Examinations:

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