Examination Grievance Submission Form

Personal Data
2. Nature of grievance
Question Paper    Valuation    Completion of Syllabus    CIA Marks    BU Marks / Results    Any Other   
3. Question Paper
Late Distribution    Faculty    Lengthy    Out of Syllabus    Vagueness    QP Pattern Changed   
4. Valuation
Answers not valued    Marks not allotted    Total mistake    Erratic    Under Valued   
5. Syllabus
Prescribed Syllabus Not covered    Some chapter    Exam Syllabus not shared in prior    Erratic    Vast difference between College Exam and BU Exam   
6. Malpractices
Allowed to copy    Laxity in invigilation    Noisy exam hall    Invigilator with mobile    Invigilator helping students   
7. Bonus Marks not given
Sports    NCC / NSS / Rangers Rovers    Department Activities    Invigilator with mobile    Cultural   
9. BU Marks / Results
Hall Ticket    Letter stating the issue signed by the Principal   
10. Any Other
SFS College