• St. Francis de Sales College aims to provide a centre of excellence for a holistic formation of the young who are capable of both transforming themselves and of acting as catalysts of transformation in society so as to become epitomes of efficiency, in mastering their life situations and building a progressive and secular nation. The mission of the College is to impart quality higher education and to offer professional skills.

      To achieve the Vision and Mission of the College, i.e. to have a quality campus environment, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell at the College was instituted on 15 October 2012 under the leadership of the Principal, Rev. Fr. Benny Jacob, MSFS with the vision: “To ensure a continuous internalization and institutionalization of quality so that the institution excels in standards while serving its students and stakeholders. The IQAC oversees all the quality enhancement and sustenance programmes of the College”.

      “Development and application of quality benchmarks/parameters for the various academic and administrative activities of the institution.” Dissemination of information on the various quality parameters of higher education. Organization of workshops, seminars on quality- related themes and promotion of quality circles. Documentation of various programmes/ activities leading to quality improvement.

      Objectives of the Cell:
      The primary aim of the Cell is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution.

      • To heighten the level of clarity and focus in institutional functioning towards quality enhancement and facilitate internalization of quality culture and excellence in higher education.

      • To bring enhancement and integration among the various activities of the institution and institutionalize many best practices.

      • To act as a change agent in the institution.

      • To better internal communication.

      • To provide a sound basis for decision-making to improve institutional functioning

      IQAC Members - Academic Year 2019-2020

      Principal/Coordinator – Rev. Dr. Roy P. K
      Vice Principal – Rev. Fr. Jijo Jose
      Management Representative – Rev. Fr. Tony
      Coordinator, IQAC – Prof. Maya Mathew
      Member - Prof. Geetha P.S.
      Member - Prof. Lakshmi
      Member - Dr. Shantharaju
      Member - Dr. Tharini
      Member – Prof. Anusha
      Member (Academic Officer) – Mrs. Vimala
      Member (Alumni Representative) - Ms. Divya
      Member (Industry Representative) - Mr. Atchuta Rao
    • The Academic Council of the College carries out the general management of the College. It is the principal academic body of the Institution, which is responsible for the academic quality and setting the standards of the institution. The academic body constitute of the Management, IQAC, HOD's of various departments. The Academic Council will be responsible for creating a quality culture in the College and promote the values of the Institution.

      Objectives of the Cell:

      • To promote teaching-learning experience at the College

      • To develop strategies for teaching, learning, research and student support

      • To oversee all the arrangements made by the College to bring about better academic results

      • To approve the curriculum and academic events

      • To make observations and recommendations to the management

      Academic Council Members - Academic Year 2019-2020

      Principal/Coordinator - Rev. Dr. Roy P. K.
      Vice Principal - Rev. Fr. Jijo Jose
      Coordinator, IQAC - Prof. Maya Mathew
      Head, Department of Commerce - Prof. Druva Kumar
      Head, Department of Management - Prof. Mangayarkarasi
      Head, Department of Humanities - Prof. Kusuma R.
      Head, Department of Computer Science - Dr. Smrity Prasad
      Head, Department of Science - Prof. Smruthee Markhedkar
      Coordinator, PG Centre - Dr. Gurubasavaraja
      Examination Cell Representative - Mrs. Vimala

    • The Finance Committee of the College will provide financial oversight of the organization. The Finance Committee will analyze the budgeting of the institution and will provide insights into the financial budgeting and provide suggestions and recommendations for mobilization of funds and optimal utilization of resources.

      • To ensure that the accurate and complete financial records are maintained
      • To monitor income and expenditure statements
      • To propose ideas and suggestions to get more funds
      • To update the management of the financial matters
      • To develop annual budgets

      Finance Committee Members - Academic Year 2019-2020
      Principal/Coordinator - Rev. Dr. Roy P. K.
      Vice Principal - Rev. Fr. Jijo Jose
      Finance Administrator/Management Representative - Rev. Fr. Tony
      Coordinator, IQAC - Prof. Maya Mathew
      Staff Representative - Dr. Shantharaju
      Academic Officer - Mrs. Vimala

    • The Exam Cell is the controller of the exams such as Internal Exams, Model exams which are conducted by the Institute. It also facilitates the University Examinations in such a way that perfect coordination is maintained to conduct the Examinations – both practical and written. The board is headed by the Exam Coordinator and helped by the other members who meet at regular intervals to plan, process and execute the given mandate.

      • To establish a strong, reliable and credible examination system in the Institution
      • To improve the quality of examination and ensuring the credibility of the processes throughout the system
      • To ensure that all components of the examinations system in the institution follow rules and policies of the institution
      • To boost the examination system to the optimum level to get better and reliable results
      • To establish a network that could guarantee constant information sharing between all the components

      Exam Cell Members - Academic Year 2019-2020
      Principal/Coordinator - Rev. Dr. Roy P. K.
      Vice Principal - Rev. Fr. Jijo Jose
      Management Representative - Rev. Fr. Tony
      Coordinator, IQAC – Prof. Maya Mathew
      Coordinator, Exam Cell - Mrs. Vimala
      Head, Department of Commerce - Prof. Druva Kumar
      Head, Department of Management - Prof. Mangayarkarasi
      Head, Department of Humanities - Prof. Kusuma R.
      Head, Department of Computer Science - Dr. Smrity Prasad
      Head, Department of Science - Prof. Smruthee Markhedkar
      Coordinator, PG Centre - Dr. Gurubasavaraja

    • The Research Cell functions as the eyes of the Institute that look ahead with regard to academic progress and achievements. This Cell takes care of the Research activities in the institution. All the HODs need to keep the Research Cell informed about the upcoming academic events and plan with the members of the Cell. This Cell watchfully and diligently helps all the staff and the departments with their constructive suggestions to reach academic miles stones.

      Research Cell also looks into the publication of the books and journals of the Institute. The HODs are regularly reminded by the Cell with regard to the publications from the faculty and the students. The research cell also suggests programmes/sessions for the Staff/Students to grow in the research culture.

      • To create awareness and opportunities in research
      • To encourage students and staff to undertake research
      • To provide a platform for minor projects
      • To orient the faculty and students on the research facilities available
      • To recommend and suggest the management on developing research policies

      Research and IP Cell Members - Academic Year 2019-2020
      Principal/Coordinator - Rev. Dr. Roy P. K.
      Vice Principal - Rev. Fr. Jijo Jose
      Coordinator, IQAC - Prof. Maya Mathew
      Coordinator (UG), Research cell - Dr. Nebula Murukesh
      Coordinator (PG) , Research Cell - Dr. Gurubasavaraja
      Member - Dr. Smrity Prasad
      Member - Dr. Pandiarajan
      Member - Prof. Mamatha K.
      Member - Dr. Tharini
      Member - Dr. Thanapackiam
      Member - Prof. Sini Philip

    • As part of the constant endeavor to ensure transparency in all the activities at different stages, the College provides proper mechanism to students for the redressal of their grievances. This committee will deal with all the Grievances directly which is related to the common problems at Institute level both Academic and Administrative.

      The aggrieved member shall submit his/her petition to the Grievance Redressal Committee in a sealed envelope marked ‘confidential’. On receipt of a petition, the Grievance Redressal Committee will endeavour to send its recommendation to the Principal for further action. In case of false and frivolous complaint (if proved), the Grievance Redressal Committee will recommend Principal/ Disciplinary Authority to take appropriate action against the complainant. Complaints dropped in the 'Suggestion Box' by students and parents and oral complaints are also redressed. All complaints are scrutinized by the management and the Grievance Redressal Cell.

      • To provide the students support and solutions to their grievances
      • To educate the students on their roles and responsibilities
      • To oversee the functioning of the Redressal committee
      • Encourage to students to express their grievances and find a solution for the same
      • Follow up of the complaints received from the students

      Grievance Redressal Committee Members - Academic Year 2019-2020
      Principal/Coordinator - Rev. Dr. Roy P.K
      Vice Principal - Rev. Fr. Jijo Jose
      Member - Dr. Maria Priya
      Member - Prof. Sampath Kumar
      Member - Prof. Jeseentha Mathew
      Member - Prof. Karibasavana Gowda

    • In reference to Ministry of Women & Child Development’s D.O. Letter No. 19-8/2014-WW dated 14th January 2015, regarding constitution of the Internal Compliance Committee as per Section 4 of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013.

      Executing above directions, an Internal Compliance Committee is constituted at the SFS College to prevent sexual harassment at workplace. A written complaint is required to be taken from the aggrieved person to take the necessary actions. The committee carries out inquiry to sort out the matter. Also provides counselling and conciliation to the aggrieved person.

      • To protect the rights of women
      • To educate and orient on the rights of women
      • To provide support in case of any complaints raised
      • To organise programmes for empowering woman
      • To update the management on the rules and regulations framed by the government relating to the ICC

      Internal Compliance Committee Members - Academic Year 2019-2020
      Coordinator - Prof. Sailaja M.
      Member (Management Representative) - Fr. Tony Eranyakulathil
      Member (Faculty Representative) - Dr. Nebula Murukesh
      Member (Faculty Representative) - Prof. Mangayarkarasi N.
      Member (Office Representative) - Ms. Manju
      Member (Student Representative) - Mr. Surya Prakash
      Member (Student Representative) - Mr. Prem Chandu K.
      Member (Student Representative) - Ms. Harshita B.

    • The Anti-ragging Committee acts as the face wash of the Institute when it comes to maintaining and protecting personal respect and dignity of every student in the Institute. This body investigates into cases that are reported to the head of the institute and submits a report. The body also helps the head of the Institute to take decisions on the report and execute the same. The anti-ragging cell reflects the sanctity of the Institute when it comes to values and ethics.

      • To create awareness among the students on the dehumanising effects of ragging
      • To monitor the students and avoid the incidents of ragging
      • To counsel the victims of ragging and extend support
      • To conduct an enquiry and submit a report to the management on ragging charges raise
      • To ensure proper actions are taken against perpetrators of such practices

      Anti-Ragging Committee Members - Academic Year 2019-2020
      Principal/Coordinator - Rev. Dr. Roy P.K
      Vice Principal - Rev. Fr. Jijo Jose
      Member - Prof. Mamatha K.
      Member - Prof. N.K. Chitra
      Member - Dr. Gurubasavaraja

    • The Institution has established an Equal Opportunity Centre, as per the guidelines of UGC, to oversee the effective implementation of policies and programmes for disadvantaged groups, to provide guidance and counselling with respect to academic, financial, social and other matters and to enhance the diversity within the campus.

      • To ensure equity and equal opportunity for the community at large in the College and bring about social inclusion.

      • To create a socially congenial atmosphere for academic interaction and for the growth of healthy interpersonal relationships among the students coming from various social backgrounds.

      • To look into the grievances of the weaker section of society and suggest amicable solutions to their problems.

      Equal Opportunity Centre Members - Academic Year 2019-2020
      Principal/Coordinator - Rev. Dr. Roy P.K.
      Vice Principal - Rev. Fr. Jijo Jose
      Member - Dr. Shantharaju
      Member - Prof. Jeseentha Mathew
      Member - Dr. Karibasavana Gowda
      Member - Mr. Siddaraju

    • Amizade is the Alumni Association of the Institute. It keeps the alumni united to the umbilical cord of the Institution. The coordinator is responsible to collect the data of the final year students and publish the same on the graduation day. Once the students' data is at hand the coordinator regularly updates the Alumni and involves them in various events such as guest lectures, seminars etc., besides planning value based events for the ongoing formation of the Desalites.

      The Desalite Alumni Association strives to nurture a lifelong intellectual and emotional relationship with the College and among its alumni; and to provide a sustainable platform for effective networking, goodwill and support.

      • To promote a sustained sense of belongingness to the Alma Mater among the Alumni by being in regular contact with them and to develop interest in the well-being and affairs of the College

      • To keep a roster of all Alumni of the College and its pertinent data and to collect, publish and distribute such information as may be useful to the alumni and their Alma Mater

      • To develop a permanent network that keeps alumni in touch with each other and the College through special events and by disseminating information regarding their Alma Mater, faculty and students

      • To support in realising the mission and vision of the College

      • To Uphold and live by the values imbibed in the college and groom their attitudes to be grateful to the Alma Mater

      • To guide and assist Alumni who have recently completed their courses of study at College to keep them engaged in productive pursuits useful to the society

      • To provide a forum for the Alumni for exchange of ideas on academic, cultural and social issues of the day

      • To organize and coordinate reunion activities of the Alumni

      • To participate in activities contributing to the improvement of infrastructure & academic activities of the College

      • To institute prizes and scholarships to students – for merit, and financial aid to the poor and deserving students of the College

      • To Participate in the College activities at the regional and national levels, such as attending conferences, meetings, seminars, exhibitions, workshops and parties.

      • To undertake all such activities as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above aims and objectives.

      AMIZADE – Alumni Association Members - Academic Year 2019-2020
      Coordinator - Prof. Roshini Ann Koshy
      Member (Faculty Representative) - Prof. Devichandrika S.
      Member (Faculty Representative) - Prof. Annie Christila
      Student President - Hemanth Kumar
      Student Vice President- Sheik Johar
      Secretary - Divya
      Treasurer - Jyothi
      Sports Secretary - Imran Khan
      Cultural Secretary - Shashi Kumar

    • Discipline is the hallmark of our Institute. The dress code, behavior and the language of the students reveal the standard of an Institute. Hence the taskmasters of the discipline team are of utmost importance and need to monitor all these areas of discipline. The team needs to be at the College much before the students enter into the College. The Disciplinary Committee coordinates with the security forces within the College for maintaining discipline. The staff of the Institute wholeheartedly cooperates with the task force in any matters of discipline. The task force also needs to be available for the staff in case of any untoward incidents.

      • To oversee the disciplinary affairs of the College
      • To take action against the students breaking the rules of the institution
      • To maintain the rules and regulations of the College
      • To ensure the classes and various events happen in an orderly manner

      Disciplinary Committee Members - Academic Year 2019-2020
      Coordinator -Lt. Sampath Kumar - ANO, NCC
      Member - Prof. Xavier Stalin
      Member - Prof. Tison Thomas
      Member - Prof. Alan George
      Member - Prof. Ramesh Babu
      Member - Ms. Nikitha

    • The library is a place where the knowledge thirst of the readers gets quenched. With thousands of books and a digital library with hi-speed internet, the Library is the knowledge centre of the institution. The library committee will be responsible to matters related to the administration of the Library.

      • To decide and adopt policies for the improvement and development of the Library.
      • To decide on the rules and regulations for the library use.
      • To take care of the activities and budgeting of the Library.
      • To procure books and maintain the Library accounts.

      Coordinator: Mrs. Deenadayalini

    • The Cultural Committee acts as a catalyst to bring out the talents of the students. Though there are separate committees and in-charges for various cultural events in the Institute, the cultural coordinator is the ultimate responsible head. He/ she is kept informed about the events, consulted on the proceedings and meticulous planning of the same. The cultural coordinator maintains all the proceedings of the meetings with the help of the writer and maintains the files concerning the various events. The cultural coordinator is directly responsible to the IQAC with regard to handing over the files of the events. The departmental celebrations such as Freshers’ day, Farewell, Third Year batch gathering and picnics are also to be reported to the same. Students are also to go through the cultural coordinator in order to participate in any inter-collegiate cultural events.

      • To coordinate and conduct various cultural events in the College
      • To guide the students to participate in the inter and intra collegiate cultural programmes
      • To maintain the records of the cultural events

      Cultural Committee Members - Academic Year 2019-2020
      Coordinator - Prof. Jeseentha Mathew
      Member - Prof. Anusha Bhat
      Member - Prof. Dakshina
      Member - Dr. Rosaline
      Member - Prof. Mahesh

    • To Be Updated
    • Vista – the College Magazine is the record of the events that took place in the College during an academic year. This committee keeps a track of all the events throughout the year that needs to be featured in the annual magazine.

      • To fix the theme of the magazine to procure various articles and news-items in collaboration with the students’ editorial board
      • To plan the layout, content, and editing of the content
      • To publish and distribute the magazine.
      • To maintain a record of the present and the previous magazines in hard as well as soft copies.

      Vista – Magazine Committee Members - Academic Year 2019-2020
      Coordinator - Dr. Sheeba M.
      Member - Prof. Shamala
      Member - Prof. Evangeline Richard
      Member - Prof. Swathi P
      Member - Prof. Jenifer Sujitha
      Member - Prof. Lakshmi B
      Member - Prof. Nayana
      Member - Prof. Sathishwari

    • The Desalites Women’s Empowerment Cell upholds women and their rights. It coordinates with the women staff and the students and support them in their welfare.

      • To train women to protect themselves
      • To educate women on their rights and duties
      • To conduct various programmes and invites experts on various value-based topics to build a strong independent woman for a better society.
      • To Empower women and to instill in them the need to be financially independent
      • To organize programmes for the upliftment of women in the vicinity of the College. The cell organizes and celebrates ‘International Women’s Day’

      Desalite Women Empowerment Cell Members - Academic Year 2019-2020
      Coordinator - Ms. Prameela Dorairaju, Counsellor
      Member - Prof. Shamala
      Member - Prof. Archana Ramachandra
      Member - Prof. Vanitha T.

    • The College provides career guidance and placement facilities to under graduate and post graduate students. The office helps the students assess their career interest with aptitude and offers them an opportunity to meet and be interviewed by some of the prestigious firms in the state and the country. It organizes mock interviews, workshops, seminars and group discussions on relevant topics. Campus recruitment is held from November to May of every academic year. Usually, the process begins with a pre-placement talk which gives students an insight about the company and the job they have to offer followed by the selection process.

      • To act as a facilitator between the student and the industry
      • To provide adequate soft skills
      • To organize various skill building training sessions
      • To prepare the student to face the interviews of any industry
      • To conduct career guidance classes to the students at regular intervals
      • To monitor as well as give constructive suggestions, at regular intervals, on how sessions/classes can be conducted in order to equip the students for the industry

      Career Guidance and Placement Cell Members - Academic Year 2019-2020
      Placement Officer/Coordinator - Prof. Xavier Stalin
      Member - Prof. Mahesh

    • The Committee is in charge of all the sports and games events and monitors the regular activities of various sports. The Coordinator looks into the regular practices to be given by the coaches, and looks into amenities to be provided for the sports personnel. All the coaches need to consult the Coordinator with regard to any sports events within or outside the Institute. Events are planned and with the approval of the Principal the same is executed.

      • To oversee all the sports events in the College
      • To monitor the discipline of the students in the sports field
      • To regulate the selection process of the sports personnel in consultation with the coaches concerned
      • To approve of students who would represent the College at inter-collegiate, university, state, national or international level
      • To take custody of the gym and all sports materials in the College

      Games and Sports Committee Members - Academic Year 2019-2020
      Coordinator - Mr. Venkataramaiah
      Member - Ms. Nikita

    • The Admission Committee of the College goes through the application of the students and counsels them to select the programme of their choice. They will take care of the complete admission procedure. The Committee tries to bring in diversity as well as improve the quality culture in the college by bringing in students from various backgrounds.

      • To plan for the admission process of the College
      • To publicize and promote the competitiveness of the College
      • To guide the students to select suitable courses
      • To facilitate admissions in a seamless manner

      Admission Committee Members - Academic Year 2019-2020
      Principal/Coordinator - Rev. Dr. Roy P.K
      Vice Principal - Rev. Fr. Jijo Jose
      Member - Prof. Xavier Stalin
      Member - Prof. Druva Kumar
      Member - Prof. Sailaja

    • The Student Welfare Committee seeks to provide support to the students in their academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular and address their needs inside the campus.

      • The Student Welfare Committee takes the responsibility of guiding and interacting with the students and listens to their needs.
      • The Welfare Committee conducts meetings with students and asks for their requirements from time to time.
      • The Committee will also recommend to the management, the welfare measures for the students that needs to be addressed.

      Coordinator: Dr. Lokanayaki
      Member: Mrs. Mamatha K
      Member: Mr. Mahesh

    • The College has students from more than seven countries in the world and to create an ambient atmosphere for all the foreign students studying in the College, the International student Forum was created.

      • The Forum will guide and support the foreign students in the campus.
      • The Forum will address the difficult situations faced by them.
      • The Forum will also provide support in their visa and travelling arrangements.

      Coordinator: Mrs. Ambika
      Member: Mrs Dakshina U Kanthy
      Member: Mrs. Noor Nigar

    • The Health Club looks into educating boys and girls on matters of hygiene and sexual education.

      • The Club regularly conduct awareness programs on various diseases and are in charge of coordinating with Doctors from various hospitals for the same.
      • The Club also takes care of the maintenance of the sick room.
      • To provide medical aid in times of need.
      • The Club is responsible to have the first aid box in the institution.

      Coordinator: Mrs. Annie Christila
      Member: Mrs. Swathi P

    • The Counselling Centre with a professional Counsellor is available for all Desalites in the holistic development of their personality. The Counselling Centre facilities the development of remedial systems for students whose inadequate motivational factors have kept them away from achieving their potential. Students with any problem can approach the counsellor for solace. The Centre also concentrates on students who do not perform well in their exams and are irregular for classes. The Counsellor is a certified/licensed College Counsellor with specific qualifications and skills to address the academic, personal/ social and career developmental needs of the students and the staff.

      • To help students to make proper adjustments for improved academic pursuit and qualities of life
      • To motivate and support the students to regularly attend the classes and to prepare for the exams systematically
      • To guide them in their relationship crisis and to show them how to progress in life

      Counselling Centre Coordinator - Academic Year 2019-2020: Ms. Prameela Dorairaju, Counsellor

    • The College always takes pride in holding up the dreams of the students and converting the same into reality. To create a platform for the aspiring entrepreneurs, the Entrepreneurship and Incubation Cell was started in 2017.

      • To orient on the importance of entrepreneurship.
      • To motivate the students and make them capable of perceiving and exploiting their potentials.
      • To guide the budding entrepreneurs and provide them financial support and also by providing the physical environment for their ideas to bloom.

      Coordinator: Dr. Nebula Murukesh
      Member: Dr. Lokanayaki
      Member: Dr. Thanapackiam

    • The institution always believes in the motto “Improving Agriculture improves Life”. With this noble intention to provide a helping hand to farmers who are the caretakers of the earth and motivate young minds to willingly shoulder the responsibility for building a just and humane society, the Desalite Farmer Friendly Association (DFFA) was started.

      The Desalite Farmer Friendly Association (DFFA) seeks to empower the rural community by understanding their struggles and supporting them to understand modern practices and advanced methods in agriculture.

      • To promote self-help groups, rural women empowerment and cooperative leadership.
      • To introduce the latest techniques, cutting edge agricultural machinery, agro- industries, diary and other allied services to farmers.
      • To enlighten them about the benefits of organic farming.

      Coordinator: Mrs. Sailaja
      Member: Mr. Arul Peter

    • Centre for Social Action (CSA) brings life to the student body. The CSA keeps contacts with NGO's and other institutions of great value and coordinates programs and undertaking visits to enhance the society along with the students.

      • CSA will plan and conduct street plays regularly in the college as well as in the villages and places of need such as city corners, traffic signals, etc.
      • It will train the students in coordination with the traffic signals, road rules and other public rules.
      • It will also train the students in coordination with the traffic police, police force and other government agencies with regard to matters of importance such as protection of women, following traffic rules, handling emergency situations, awareness programs, etc.

      Coordinator:Mrs. Geetha P S
      Member: Mrs. Veena
      Member: Ms. Swathi S
      Member: Mrs. Mamatha K

    • The Desalite Christian Association (DCA) seeks to foster Christian faith and values in the community. The ideals and virtues of the Patron Saint of the College are disseminated along with fostering a sense a unity and fellowship by reaching out in service.

      • It will take the initiatives for the arrangements of the First Friday Mass every month and organising retreats for the Christian students.
      • The Association will also help in promoting the faith by making provisions for spiritual assistance, whenever required.
      • It will also promote participation of the students in inter-collegiate Christian fests.
      • It will foster the spread of values among student through various creative methods.

      Coordinator:Mrs. Elza Mathew
      Member: Mr. Augustine
      Member: Mrs. Siny Philip

    • The Quills Quake is the campus radio run by the students of the institution. The campus radio engages the campus through various programs.

      • To provide quality programs for the students and staff.
      • To keep the students informed on public and college affairs.
      • To educate the students by providing educational and professional development programs.

      Coordinator:Mrs. Kusuma

    • To Be Updated
    • To Be Updated
    • To Be Updated
    • To Be Updated
    • To Be Updated
    • To Be Updated
    • To Be Updated
    • To Be Updated
    • To Be Updated
  • OBC Cell
    • The OBC Cell was established to support and empower the OBC students.

      • To address to the needs and wants of the OBC students.
      • To orient them on the facilities available to them.
      • To guide them on the scholarships available to them.

      Coordinator: Rev. Dr. Roy, Principal
      Member: Rev. Fr. Jijo Jose, Vice Principal
      Member: Mrs. Devichandrika
      Member: Mr Karthik

  • SC/ST Cell
    • The SC/ST Cell was established to support and empower the SC/ST students.

      • To address to the needs and wants of the SC/ST students.
      • To orient them on the facilities available to them.
      • To guide them on the scholarships available to them.

      Coordinator: Rev. Dr. Roy, Principal
      Member: Rev. Fr. Jijo Jose, Vice Principal
      Member: Dr. Shantaraju


    • The Department of Commerce with its association named “ACME”- an acronym for Association of Commerce and Managerial Excellence- offers wonderful avenues for youngsters who yearn to become the best in professional business endeavours. ACME is word which also means the “Highest point of achievement or development”.

      This association helps undergraduates to be trained professionally as well as to keep updated with latest trends in the business filled by organizing regular programmes of various types to improve life skills and leadership qualities. “Striving with Zeal to reach the zenith of success” is the passionate motto which drives this association towards success.

      Coordinator: Prof. Johnson Pereira
      Member: Bala Vignesh
      Member: Ancyleena D
      Member: Manju D
      Member: Pooja

    • Association of Social Welfare Activities for Desalites- ASWAD aims to “promote social well-being” of people in the society. The Association of the Department of Sociology organizes various visual lectures, seminars, field trips and assignments to have a deeper understanding of cultures, traditions and life styles.

      Coordinator: Prof. Elizabeth Abraham
      Member: Ashok Aakash
      Member: Pooja
      Member: Vinay V
      Member: Umme Kulsum

    • Chanakyans is the association of the Department of Economics, named after the Indian teacher, philosopher and the pioneer of classical economics, Chanakya, the association helps the students to explore the various ways of effectively using the resources. The Association seeks to organise seminars and industry oriented lectures in tune with its motto, “Transformation of desires by intelligence and commodities.

      Coordinator: Ms. Kavya Sri Parasaram
      Member: Tarun R
      Member: Ashok Aakash Solomon
      Member: Maria Binu
      Member: Kavya

    • Chaucer’s Academy is the Association of Department of English, named after Geoffrey Chaucer, the Father of English literature and considered as the greatest English poet of the middle ages. With the motto, “Explore the Odyssey”, Chaucer’s Academy places its thrust on advanced language training and aims to break barriers to build and boost the level of confidence among students. With this objective in mind, it conducts various programmes and competition during the year and helps students to express their creativity in English language.

      Coordinator: Prof. Tison Thomas
      Member: Sougandh P
      Member: Alex Joseph
      Member: Nirupama Jose
      Member: Joshuva Jose

    • Cyber spirits is the association of the students of Computer Science with the motto “Rising to the heights of Technology.” The association is pragmatically designed to embody the IT achievements and trends in the field of Computer science. It caters to the welfare of the students and enables them to transcend through the careers in computer science. The department organizes various seminars, workshops, conferences, industrial visits, IT fests and guest lecturers during the year.

      Coordinator: Dr. K. Lokanayaki
      Member: Shashank
      Member: Abhishek Gourav
      Member: Bhavana
      Member: Shilpa

    • DESMA, standing for Desalite management Association is the association of the Department of Management. It is established to enable students to come together to achieve comprehensive excellence and holistic development in the field of management. The association promotes skills, talents and abilities of students to realise their full potential and thus stands true to its motto, “Building a community of leaders at all levels of the society.

      Coordinator: Dr. Maria Priya
      Member: Sathwik
      Member: Delfina
      Member: Jeevitha
      Member: Lebin George

    • DHA – Desalite History Association is the Association of the Department of History. It brings together students to share their knowledge and awareness of history and the need to preserve and promote aspects of historical importance.

      Coordinator: Dr. Pandirajan
      Member: Boopathy
      Member: Kavya G L
      Member: Viruthika
      Member: Manikanta J

    • Eureka, The Department Association for Physics is named after the famous discovery of Archimedes principle which spreads the message that clarity in the thoughts can bring about solutions to new problems. The motto of Eureka is to develop interest in research and enhance the thought process towards scientific problem solving.

      Coordinator: Prof. Sonima Mohan
      Member: Dr. Ambika Nautiyal
      Member: Anusha
      Member: Ashish Robin Bara
      Member: Keerthi

    • The Department of Journalism takes pride in introducing their association named “Flair Press”. With the motto,” Informing minds, Igniting hearts”, Flair press was brought into being, to provide a platform for the students to unleash their talents and to appreciate media, which is called as the Fourth Estate. It was initiated with an aim to sensitise the studenst about role of media in our society and to sow the seeds of ‘Freedom of expression’. The association conducts various events during the year to bring out the best in our budding journalist.

      Coordinator: Prof. Kusuma
      Member: Precella
      Member: Bibin
      Member: Mercy
      Member: Alwin

    • Halcyon academy is an initiative of the Department of Psychology, under the banner, “Thinking, feeling, willing and acting - a way of being”. Halcyon is a Greek mythological bird, which refers to the state of being in peace, calm and tranquillity.

      Coordinator: Prof. Lakshmi Balakrishnan
      Member: Pratheesha
      Member: Anusha
      Member: Jennifer
      Member: Tharun

    • IC club is an Association for students interested in electronics. The mission of IC club is to expose students to challenges and new technologies in the field of electronics and thus to nurture and develop their skills in this arena.

      Coordinator: Smrutee Markhedkar
      Member: Roshini
      Member: Jeevan G
      Member: Raghav

    • Kanika, the Association of Chemistry students is formed to nurture a scientific reasoning capacity and to build confidence in practical aspects of chemistry. The objective of the association is to promote the interaction between chemistry students with the hope of developing a passion for the subject. The association gives a platform for the students to get involved in the activities which will instil deep interest to take up further studies and to make contributions in the field of chemistry.

      Coordinator: Prof. Swathi S
      Member: Divyashree
      Member: Chaitra V
      Member: Sandeep Kumar
      Member: Meghana

    • Maths πrates is an association of students interested in promoting mathematics in the campus. The association has the mission to facilitate the study of mathematics beyond the classrooms and to realize mathematics as an integral part of their life.

      Coordinator: Prof. Senthil Kumar
      Member: Prof. Roshini
      Member: Samyukth
      Member: Deepika
      Member: Prema

    • The SFS Kannada Sangha was established during the year 2010-11. From its inception, the Sangha is involved in the promotion of Kannada language, literature and culture. It aims at initiating the young to read and acquire knowledge. The Sangha organises various events as to fulfil its original events.

      Coordinator: Dr. Shantaraju
      Member: Naveen Kumar C
      Member: Manikanta C
      Member: Shabrin Taj
      Member: Jyothi S

    • Surabhi is the association for Hindi learners in the college. Under the banner of “Bhasha Bachao, Sanskriti Bachao- save language, save culture”. Surabhi promotes the language and organises various programmes for harmonious spread of cultures.

      Coordinator:Dr. Rinku Pandey
      Member: Aadarsh
      Member: Abhishek
      Member: Pankaj
      Member: Keerthi

SFS College