ACTIVITIES (DHEA) - Extra Curricular Activities

“Bloom where you are planted!” – St Francis de Sales, Patron Saint of the College

Desalites Holistic Enhancement activities are those that encourage as well as build up an Academic Culture in the minds and hearts of students along with nurturing all the other sports and cultural talents. These activities would help perfect their preparation to face the crowd/public, to write major projects in companies, to complete demands in higher education and to increase the standard of their learning and research.

  • Desalites are expected to attend one state/university level/ national/ international seminar/ conference in a semester. Attending more than one seminar is encouraged.
  • Desalites are highly encouraged to nurture their talents and grow in areas of sports, culture, art, music, writing, oratory and other skills.
  • Final Year Desalites are expected to present a paper at state/university level/ national/ international seminars/ conferences.
  • Desalites is expected to contribute an article of serious nature to their particular department for departmental publication in the College.
  • Desalites are to be aware of their social responsibility and engage in community building and societal-service oriented programmes and events.

The Associations and Clubs at the College aim at providing a healthy diversion from studies and expose students to experience various cultures and inter-departmental activities.

Associations / Club Activities are the non-academic dimensions and aspects of life. Taking an active part in these co-curricular activities helps one to get intellectual and aesthetic experience besides training in organizational ability. • DeSMA: Desalite Management Association.
• Cyber Spirits: Association of the BCA Department.
• Flair Press: Association of the Journalism Department.
• Chaucer’s Academy: Association of the English Department.
• Halcyon Academy: Association of the Psychology Dept.
• ACME: Association of Commerce for Managerial Excellence.
• Desalites Kannada Academy: Association of the Kannada Department.
• Desalites Hindi Academy: Association of the Hindi Department.
• Amizade: Desalite Alumni Association.
• DNC: Desalites Nature Club.
• DHA: Desalites History Association.
• NEDA: North East Desalites’ Association.
• DASA: Desalites African Students’ Association.
• DWEC: Desalite Women Empowerment Cell.
• SFS Football Academy

There are also various other regular programmes that are organised:
• Orientation Course for the First Years
• Retreats and Spiritual Sessions for the Students
• Inter Group Activities
• Batch Mentoring
• Sessions with the Student Counselor
• Social Action Events and Programmes
• Various events organised by the National Cadet Corps (NCC), National Social Service (NSS) and Karnataka Civil Defence (KCD)
• Campus Radio – Quills Quake
• National & International Seminars and publications
• Intercollege/ University Sports and cultural competition
• Desalite Christian Association
• Campus Placement Assistance
• De Sales Green Brigade
• Value Education Programmes

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