The Research Cell functions as the eyes of the Institute that look ahead with regard to academic progress and achievements. This Cell takes care of the Research activities in the institution. All the HODs need to keep the Research Cell informed about the upcoming academic events and plan with the members of the Cell. This Cell watchfully and diligently helps all the staff and the departments with their constructive suggestions to reach academic miles stones.

Research Cell also looks into the publication of the books and journals of the Institute. The HODs are regularly reminded by the Cell with regard to the publications from the faculty and the students. The research cell also suggests programmes/sessions for the Staff/Students to grow in the research culture.

• To create awareness and opportunities in research
• To encourage students and staff to undertake research
• To provide a platform for minor projects
• To orient the faculty and students on the research facilities available
• To recommend and suggest the management on developing research policies

Research and IP Cell Members - Academic Year 2019-2020
Principal/Coordinator - Rev. Dr. Roy P. K.
Vice Principal - Rev. Fr. Jijo Jose
Coordinator, IQAC - Prof. Maya Mathew
Coordinator (UG), Research cell - Dr. Nebula Murukesh
Coordinator (PG) , Research Cell - Dr. Gurubasavaraja
Member - Dr. Smrity Prasad
Member - Dr. Pandiarajan
Member - Prof. Mamatha K.
Member - Dr. Tharini
Member - Dr. Thanapackiam
Member - Prof. Sini Philip


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