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Poster-making Competition on “Gender Equality” – Women’s Cell: March 04, 2020

The Women’s Cell organised a poster making competition for the UG students on the topic ‘Gender equality’ on March 04, 2020. The topic was aligned to the theme of International Women’s Day 2020.

Nine teams took part in the competition. The Desalites were well prepared and designed some outstanding posters. It was startling to learn their perceptions of gender equality. Each team differed from the other in presenting their point of view. They expressed in their posters of how man and woman are equal in every walk of life like employment, property ownership rights, literacy etc. Many slogans and captions were used about equality. The posters were eye-catchy and amused the judges while comprehending the under-wraps in it.

Prof. Jeseentha Mathew of the Dept of Commerce and Prof. Liminy Mathew, Dept of Humanities – the judges - appreciated the efforts of the participants. They judged the posters based on parameters like presentation of idea, creativity and neatness of the posters.

The winners of the competition are as follows:
1. Rahul Kumar Kanta –First Prize (2nd semester BBA ‘A’) 2. Manoj and Vignesh Raj M – Second Prize ( 6th semester B.Com ‘C’)

The posters were displayed on the notice board for the rest to view and appreciate the creation of the participants. The event was organised under the leadership of Prof. Vanitha and Prof. Archana R, Coordinators, Women’s Cell.

Gender equality is the fifth of seventeen sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Hence the Women’s Cell of the College felt that it was apt for the Desalites to reflect on these areas. Poster campaigns have a history behind them and have been one of the striking and compelling ways of conveying ideas. There are endless possibilities for designing, fabulous fonts, graphics and joyous words may be used to make vibrant posters. Posters create a rapid response in the audience. It arouses empathy and its visual imagery is attention grabbing. Therefore this activity was organised by the Cell.

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