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World Kindness Day and International Day of Tolerance: 23 rd November 2021 - Psylight Club (PG Department of Psychology) in association with Halcyon Academy

To commemorate World Kindness Day and International Day of Tolerance, Psylight club, The Association of Department of Psychology, Postgraduate Centre along with Halcyon Academy, Association of UG Department of Psychology conducted an event on 23 rd November 2021 at 10:05 am in the college quadrangle. World Kindness Day is celebrated on November 13 th , worldwide to promote the importance of being kind to each other, to oneself and to the world. November 16 th was declared as the International Day of Tolerance by the United Nations to celebrate open mindedness, listening and to help create an awareness of how important is tolerance for all.

The day’s event started with a flash mob. The flash mob began with a group of students shouting slogans related to kindness and tolerance. This attracted the attention of the college to the quadrangle. the second event of the day was Mime - based on the theme ‘be kind, be humane’. The theme was discussed across two different scenes, where the students enacted different ways in which people are discriminated in the society and in what ways they can be kind to people who are discriminated. The event ended with all students and faculty coming together with placards spreading messages on kindness and tolerance.

Objective of the event was to spread awareness about kindness and tolerance, thereby building a healthy society. Although kindness and tolerance are part of every one’s life, there should be a day to remind the future generations on how important it is to be kind and tolerant to every living being in this universe. This event helped spread the message and inculcate these values in young people

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