News & Events

Date of Event(s) 13-01-2024
Department/Association/Cell/Committee NCC
Venue (Mention the platform if it is online) RC COLLEGE, PALACE ROAD
Number of Participants 100
Target Audience 150
Resource Person(s) with qualification(if applicable) UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF ASSOCIATE NCC OFFICER CAPT. SAMPATH KUMAR R
Place of visit/ details of Industrial Visit place(if applicable) RC COLLEGE, PALACE ROAD
Event Coordinator CAPT. SAMPATH KUMAR R


On 13th January 2024, NCC cadets of SFS degree college belonging to 1/1 COY ARMY WING of 1 KAR BN NCC, Weapon Training The Activity took place with the total of 100 cadets.
During the Weapon Training, they provided us with Rifles and taught us various Skills and Techniques. We learned how to handle the Rifle Safely, Aim Accurately, and Properly maintain the Weapon. The instructors emphasized the importance of discipline and following proper Protocols while using Firearms Also
we covered various aspects of Weapons. We learned about different types of firearms, their components, and how they function. The class also delved into topics like Weapon Safety, Proper handling techniques, and the legal aspects of weapon ownership. We discussed the importance of responsible weapon use and the ethical considerations surrounding Weapons. The refreshments were also provided. Overall, it was an informative and engaging class that provided a solid foundation of knowledge about weapons.
We would like to thank our Commanding Officer Col M R Suresh, Adam Officer Lt Col Ravindra Singh, Principal Rev Fr Binu, Vice Principal Rev Fr Jijo Jose and our ANO Capt. Sampath Kumar R for providing us this wonderful opportunity.

SFS College