News & Events

Date of Event(s) 04/12/2023
Department/Association/Cell/Committee NCC
Venue (Mention the platform if it is online) ST FRANCIS DE SALES COLLEGE
Number of Participants 05
Target Audience 100
Resource Person(s) with qualification(if applicable) UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF NOBAL OFFICER CAPT.SAMPATH KUMAR R
Place of visit/ details of Industrial Visit place(if applicable) ST FRANCIS DE SALES COLLEGE
Event Coordinator CAPT. SAMPATH KUMAR R


On 4th December ,2023 NCC cadets of SFS degree college belonging to 1/1 COY ARMY WING of 1 KAR BN NCC organised a voter ID registration drive.

A total of 5 cadets took part in this drive. This event aimed to encourage students to participate in the electoral process and contribute to the democratic foundation of our nation. The primary goal was to assist eligible students in obtaining their voter ID cards. Students were asked to bring necessary documents which was collected in the college. Cadets under the guidance of our ANO Capt. Sampath Kumar R meticulously planned and executed the voter ID registration campaign. NCC cadets assisted students in completing the necessary paperwork, ensuring a smooth and efficient registration process. The initiative taken by the NCC cadets not only facilitated voter ID registration but also instilled a sense of civic responsibility among the student body.

We would like to thank our Principal Rev Fr Binu, Vice Principal Rev Fr Jijo Jose and our ANO Capt. Sampath Kumar R for providing us this opportunity to take part in such events.

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