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Orientation for Survey Programme: Dept of BA in association with SIEDS (Society for Informal Education and Development Studies) – Jan 25, 2019

SIEDS (Society for Informal Education and Development Studies) conducted an orientation session on “Violence again Women and Youth at “St.Francis De Sales College” for the students of Department of humanities on 25-1-2019 and Students from 1st years and 2nd years participated. Ms. Mamata and Ms. Madhu Bhushan from SIEDS handled the sessions. SIEDS is a non-profitable organisation working with marginalised sections of the societies addressing their local, cultural and economic problems by organising workshops, public meetings, street theatres and also meeting with concerned political and govt officials. Seven students who attended the session were selected to attend the workshop, which was organised by the same team on 5-2-2019, held in Anekal Public School, Anekal. Two faculty members Mrs.Kusuma. R and Mrs. Elizabeth Abraham accompanied the students.

The workshop commenced at 10.45 and concluded by 5.30. Ms. Manisha Gupta, a woman activist and an NGO trainer from Pune was the resource person who handled the session. Students from various colleges along with their faculty members took part in the workshop. The sessions discussed the concepts of Biological Sex, gender and identity crisis, muscularity, femininity, Patriarchy, Matriarchy and various other social issues related to Domestic Violence, Atrocities towards Women, Gender Discrimination etc.

The entire group was divided into several teams and were asked to present their point of view on the assigned topics. The afternoon session started with the description of the NGO’s Research topic which they are about to commence shortly. The Research Design process is in pipeline and the students of SFS college are looking forward to be a part of the study in its various phases. The workshop was really informative and beneficial for our students as it imparts knowledge about the utility of Social Researches, Methodology, Qualities of a good researcher etc, which will definitely help them in the long run in their future studies.

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