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Student's tour to Wayanad (Kerala): Dept of BBA: March 6-9, 2019

18 Students from 6th Sem BBA along with two faculty members – Ms Swati Pahwa and Mr Ramesh Babu – went on a tour to Wayanad from 6th March to 9th March (3 nights and 2 days).

The trip was organised by Prof Devichandrika, the Coordinator of the Department under DESMA. Jobil Varghese was the Tour Advisor.

They reached the destination by 8 am, the following. The first day comprised of an adventurous trekking. This was followed by a relaxing time of dance and DJ with students playing the guitar and enjoying themselves. The following day began with the sight of the sunrise in the fields of Wayanad. The sight of sunrise left all of them breathless and students captured the beautiful landscapes. It was followed by next episode of trekking. They left Wayanad by 7 pm, after the whole night journey we reached safely to Bangalore (SFS College).

The trip was a wonderful experience - full of memories, beautiful landscapes, fun and frolic of students and audacious trekking.

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