General Rules and Regulations

All students who join St. Francis de Sales College shall abide by its rules and regulations. At the time of interview, the parent/guardian of the student should give an undertaking that if his/her son/daughter misbehaves, he/she shall abide by the decision of the Principal. And the Principal has the power to suspend or dismiss any student at any time for the following reasons.

Irregularity in attendance
Indifference towards studies
Misconduct and misbehavior
Non-payment of fees and dues
Unsatisfactory academic progress
Spending time in activities other than academic
Smoking or bringing cigarettes or narcotics inside the college campus

Throwing about waste papers, defacing furniture and walls, committing nuisance on the college grounds and any damage or destruction of college property will be punishable individually or collectively. In addition to the punishment they will have to pay for restitution.

Students must bring along their identity card, and calendar/ hand book whenever they come to the College and produce it whenever asked for. Only students who are on the rolls of the College and their parents shall enter the college campus.

Mid-semester and model examinations are held in every subject. Attendance at any test or examination conducted in the College is compulsory. No student is allowed to leave the exam hall before the expiry of the examination time.

Students are forbidden to organize or attend any meeting within the College or collect money for any purpose or to circulate among the students any notice or petition of any kind or paste it on the college notice board without the written permission of the Principal. They must not join any club or society or make any engagement that would interfere with their studies without the prior permission of the Principal. They are not allowed to play in any team against the College.

Active participation in politics is not compatible with the academic life of students and as such students are not expected to indulge in public activities that are of a political nature.

Students are not allowed to make complaints in a body or present any collective petition; but they are welcome to present their cases, if any, either individually or through their proper representatives.

Smoking, chewing pan, chewing gum etc. within the campus is strictly prohibited.

Movements of vehicles within the college campus shall be at moderate speed. Students can park their vehicles inside the college campus, only in the area allotted.

Ragging of any sort within the college and Hostel premises is strictly prohibited and if anyone found guilty of the same will be treated with severe punishment.

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