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Rally against Plastic Menace – Nature Club: Jan 30, 2020

Students and Faculty members from the Nature club of the College organized a Rally to spread awareness against plastic usage. This march was a sequel to the Nature Club’s campaign against plastic water bottles and tiffin boxes within the campus on 12 November, 2019.

The rally was flagged off by Rev. Fr. Manu, former Principal, St Francis de Sales College and Rev. Fr. Shibu, social researcher based in Australia in the presence of Rev. Dr. Roy, the Principal and Rev. Fr. Jijo Jose, the Vice-Principal. As a symbol of plastic free world, the rally was “leafed off” using a “Plantain Leaf!”

Shivangi Shah of II Bcom C welcomed everyone for the Rally and introduced the importance of the Rally to the gathering. On behalf of Nature Club, she thanked the management for having replaced the plastic water containers in the corridors as requested by the volunteers after the “Campaign against plastic water bottles and plastic Tiffin Box.” on 12 November, 2019. As the new semester opened its doors, the students received a pleasant surprise with steel water purifiers being placed in all the corridors.

Rev. Dr. Roy, the Principal emphasized that we must use bags made of cloth, paper or jute instead of plastic bags.

The Rally covered areas such as, Hebbagodi, Kammasandra and Anath Nagar. Calling out appropriate slogans in various languages, the students attracted the attention of the people, and imparted the message of avoiding plastic and using alternative resources.

Sachin from II Year B.A (JPE) who was dressed as a plastic monster - using waste cartons, and in waste plastic items like, straws, water bottles, pens, caps, flex sheets, milk overs, chocolate wrappings and snack covers – was able to effectively communicate the message to many shop vendors and the general public. The rally with the general theme, “Save earth, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!” was organized under the effective leadership and guidance of Prof Chitra N.K, Prof. Madhuramozhi V and Prof. Rinku Pandey along with by Mr. Karibasavanagowda, NSS Officer.

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