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Quiz Program by Zelos: Lingua Franca English Literary Club: PG Centre – March 16, 2019

Zelos: Lingua Franca – the English Literary Club of PG Centre – organised English Literary Quiz programme on 16th March, 2019, in the Business Hall between 11.30 and 1.00 p.m.

The quiz consisted of four rounds like Buzzer Round, Visuals Round, Special Round and Rapid Fire Round. Buzzer Round comprised ten questions and the two teams of PG English students were excited to answer all these questions. This round ended with a tough competition between the two teams. Then, this round was followed by another interesting round – Visuals Round – which had five questions each for both the teams. In their efforts to identify the literary figures, they came up with some irrelevant names of authors, which caused laughter. Unlike the two rounds, the Special Round posed challenges to the students with three questions each. This round transformed into a learning experience. The final Rapid Fire round was fun-filled thoroughly and the students demonstrated enthusiasm to answer all questions.

Team 2 won the quiz competition with 50 points. While Prof. S. Vimala served as the quiz master, Dr. P. Tharini served as the scorekeeper. The quiz programme concluded with a sense of satisfaction over having enriched knowledge of the students.

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