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Quiz program on 'Mergers and Acquisition': Dept of Bcom - March 5, 2019

A Quiz program on ‘Mergers and Acquisition’ of Advanced Corporate Accounting was conducted on 5th March, 2019 for 2nd Year B. Com ‘C’ section students. The quiz was also planned and designed to prepare and gear up the students for forthcoming exams.

Students were required to raise their hands if they knew the correct answer. The first 3 students were given an opportunity to answer. Time limit was 5 seconds. The incentive given to them was currency coupons of varied denominations. There were ten 1 Re coupons for 10 questions (Rs.10), ten 2 Rs coupons for 10 questions (Rs.20/-), ten 5 Rs. Coupons for 10 questions (Rs.50/-) and two 10 Rs. Questions (Rs.20/-), totaling up to Rs. 100. If a student would get all answers right, s/he would be eligible to earn Rs. 100 in total.

This game helped the students to learn and recall the subject with a competitive spirit. The winners gave a treat to their friends with the prize money.

SFS College