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Concentration and Mediation Session - Dept of BCom: Feb 15, 2019

Under the Student Enhancement Program (SEP), the Department of Commerce arranged a one day visit for 34 students on 15th February, 2019 to Pyramid Valley International Meditation Centre, Kanakapura, Bengaluru.

They were accompanied by Prof. Druva Kumar and Prof. Johnson Pereira

Students learnt different techniques of meditation and the breathing techniques which would be beneficial for the body and the mind. Mr Saravana, the meditation instructor, taught how to overcome stress in daily life and few techniques on stress management. Students were made to sit inside a mega pyramid building and meditate. They were also taken to the king's chamber where the experienced cosmo energy which was introduced through dhyana mandala (meditation centre). In the meditation centre, the students also bought books on meditation, breathing techniques and philosophy of life, which were available for sale.

Lunch was provided to all the students, in the serene natural setup of the place. The overall experience of the students was astounding, as they felt re-energized and closer to experience mental peace and happiness.

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