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PRAYAN-PRATHIBHA 2019: Aug 01, 2019

Prayan 2019, the Inauguration of the Department Associations, Prathibha 2019, the Intra Collegiate Cultural Fiesta and the Investiture Ceremony was held on Aug 01, 2019 in the Open Auditorium. The occasion was sparkled with the presence of the Mahira Team, the newly released Kannada Cinema – Mahesh Gowda, director, Vivek Kodappa, Producer, Chaitra Achar, Actress and Nikita Bharadwaj, Singer - and GC Suresh P, Commanding Office, NCC Navy.

The two-hour colourful ceremony also consisted of a melodius performance by the College Choir, a mesmerizing performance by the Dance team and the oath taking ceremony by the Student Council Members 2019-20.

The coordinators of all the departments under the animation of Prof Maria Priya gave the leadership to the entire programme.

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