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Spelling Bee Activity: PG Department of English – March 9, 2019

William Raspberry rightly said, “Good English, well spoken and written, will open more doors than a college degree." Good spelling is often considered to be synonymous with good English as it not only enriches one’s vocabulary, but also helps improve one’s pronunciation. Thus, it aids in developing writing and speaking skills. Moreover, good spelling skill is an asset that is imperative for academic and career success. Therefore, to hone the English spelling skills and refine the pronunciation of the PG English students, Prof. Noor Nigar, the PG English faculty, conducted Spell Bee Activity on 9th March, 2019.

Many literary terms were dictated to the students with a special focus on correct pronunciation and spelling. This was followed by a discussion with the students on the meaning of these literary devices. This literary-language activity ameliorated the spelling, pronunciation and vocabulary skills of the students in a fun-filled way.

SFS College