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Self Defence Activity by the NCC: Oct 20, 2019

A Self defence activity was organized by the NCC on Oct 20, 2019. The sessions were conducted by Mr. Chiranjeevi, who is a black belt holder in kung-fu and own form of martial arts called “The Art of fighting” along with his teammates.100 NCC cadets and 50 KCD Wardens participated in the activity along with our ANO Lt. Sampath Kumar R.

The aim of the self defence is to “Prevent injury to yourself and best way to avoid injury is to prevent attack occurring in a physical contact. It also help to develop mental and physical health”. Self defence means technique used by an individual to defend oneself during difficult times. Mr. Chiranjeevi conducted a theory class based on self defence tactics which was further followed by practical session. The fundamental art of fighting taught us basics of protecting ourselves like strikes, kicks, punches, block and escape.

The session emphasized on the importance of self defence especially in the life of a girl. It motivated the cadets to lead an independent and fearless life. Also, there was an inter-collegiate sports competition conducted between NCC Cadets and KCD Wardens. The various sports conducted were Football, Volleyball and kho-kho, Kabbadi

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