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Movie Screening: JOBS 2013 – Dept of BCA: Feb 11, 2019

Jobs 2013 is a movie that gives an insight into the life of one of the greatest visionaries and a successful businessman Mr Steve Jobs.

This movie brings into light the various phases of his life before and after he founded Apple. He was a college dropout who soon developed a passion for calligraphy. With his creativity, perfection and his friend, later the cofounder of Apple Inc., Steve Wozniak went on to spark a revolution in Home Computers with the invention of Apple 1. A company started in a Home Garage went on to become one of the greatest name in world of Technology bringing a cloud of competition over IBM and many more companies. Although his leadership at Apple Inc. was a rough one, he was removed from The Lisa group to The Macintosh Group when he fired one of his employee for not sharing his vision of having different Typefaces in the system. He was removed from his own Company and was eventually replaced by John Sculley as the new CEO of Apple Inc. whom he introduced into the company for Marketing Strategies.

The movie moves forward to 1996 and Jobs is seen married to Laurene Powell Jobs and he has accepted Lisa as his daughter whom he denied to be his daughter from his high school girlfriend Chrisann Brennan earlier in the movie. Jobs founds another company NeXT which soon Apple buys. Jobs is asked to return to Apple as a Consultant by the then current CEO Gill Amellio who was replaced by the Boards with naming Steve Jobs back as the CEO of Apple Inc. He went on fire Mike Markkula who had been a business partner with Apple for 20 years dating back when Jobs started the company and was not much more than a garage. He did so because Mike did not support him 11 years back when he got fired from his own company.

After his return to Apple he started his work to reinvent Apple and restore it to its current glory. The movie ends with the dialogue for the Think Different commercial in 1997.

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