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Meditation Course - Dept of BCOm: Jan 29, 2019

Ms. Vidya (Roll #17C240K) conducted a Meditation Program for the students on Jan 29, 2019. She is presently working part-time (Sales and Operation Manager) in an institute at HSR Layout which conducts meditation programs. She is undergoing the meditation course (Vigraha vinyasa yoga cum cyclic meditation) and will be shortly completing it.

Initially, students were reluctant to settle down and listen to her instructions. Eventually, they calmed down and reluctantly tried practicing what she asked them to do. She informed the class that if anyone was not interested, they could put their heads down and go to sleep.

She tried to make them relax and keep the mind blank. After some time, the students were asked to narrate their experiences and also about what crossed their mind when they were asked to sit still. While some students mentioned that they heard sounds around them, some mentioned that their thoughts raced about past events.

Thereafter, some were asked to count numbers backward from 50 to later, volunteers were asked to read alphabets backward (Z to A). Many of the students vehemently refused to do so saying that it was difficult. However, some students tried memorizing the same and finally some managed to say the same. The purpose of this program was to improve focus, concentration and memory amongst students.

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