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Infinity Guest Lecture series 2021-22 - “Data Science & Cloud Computing”: 26 - 29 October, 2021 -Department of Computer Applications in Collaboration with ResearchCcell

Department of Computer Applications in collaboration with Research cell organized an Infinity Guest Lecture series 2021-22 - “Data Science & Cloud Computing”. Due to this growing extent of data, there is vital requirement for techniques to obtain valuable insight on it and thus at the same time, there is an urgent requirement for talented professionals with adequate data science skills.

Day 1: Prof Margret Savitha on “Cloud Computing Principles”. Prof Margret Savitha has about 11 years of academic experience and various certifications in Data Science Machine Learning etc from “Alison institute” United Kingdom, Johns Hopkins University and University of Michigan. Basic concepts of cloud computing and types of services on how cloud computing transforms IT infrastructure was briefed. She emphasised on the revolutionary paradigm through which every organization can optimize their information and communication technology (ICT).

Day 2: Mr Mario Vimal Jones on “Technological advances in Artificial intelligence”. Mr Mario Vimal, Technology Analyst at Citi bank Chennai, graduated from National Institute of Technology Trichy and is the co-founder of Delta Winter of Code. The Session focused on Artificial Intelligence with a goal to understand how machine learning fits into the Data Analysis.

Day 3: Dr Nazura Javed on “Technological advances in Machine learning”. Dr Nazura who is currently working as HOD, Dept. of Computer Science in St. Francis College, with an academic experience of 11 years and software industry experience of 8 years was the resource person for the last day. The session started with interaction “Does the machine work on its own?”. Dr Nazura reiterated the basic algorithm that helps us to build and apply prediction functions with an emphasis on practical applications.

The Infinity Guest Lecture series aims to foster a research culture among students and Faculty members. These lectures provide them with information on current trends and applications in the dynamic world of research in numerous disciplines, delivered by experts in their fields.

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