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GRAN MENTE – ‘Nurturing Great Minds,’ National-level Inter-Collegiate Event on the occasion of World Mental Health Day 2020: Dept of Psychology, PG and UG – Oct 10, 2020

GRAN MENTE – ‘Nurturing Great Minds,’ a National-level Inter-Collegiate Event, celebrating World Mental Health Day 2020 was conducted by the Department of Psychology, Postgraduate Centre and Undergraduate on Oct 10, 2020. This virtual celebration was organised with an objective of raising awareness of mental health issues as well as growing in our abilities to handle tough situations, especially in the time of the pandemic.

More than 220 participants from various Colleges actively joined for event. After invoking the blessings of the Lord, the session began with an introductory note on World Mental Health Day. Rev. Dr Roy, the Principal, in his address, using various illustrations and life-examples, beautifully presented the importance of giving proper care of oneself and the need to nurture healthy minds. This was followed by some activities to help the participants to build up their mental forte.

The participants gave a very positive feedback on this initiative and felt greatly enriched. Congratulations to the entire team – faculty and students - of the Department of Psychology – Postgraduate Centre and Undergraduate, coordinated by Prof Mamatha K (PG) and Prof Augustine (UG)

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