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Experimental Learning: May 28, 2021 - Department of Business Administration

An intra-departmental activity was conducted for the students of Department of Business Administration on 28 th May 2021. This activity was open for all the students of the Department. SLOGAN AND LOGO MAKING competitions were held as part of it and was moderated by Prof. Mangayarkarasi N (HOD) and Prof. Rakshitha G.

The students were asked to prepare logo and slogan based on their choice. Some of the students prepared the company logo and slogan and few prepared based on the current scenario. The objectives of this activity were to enable the students to use their creativity and put in some innovation in understanding how a company prepares a logo and the tag name. Positive outcome of class activity was that students were able to test their knowledge relevance towards branding of the company, understand their improvement areas and also gained experience on how to attend creative competitions. Three winners were announced based on the theme, presentation, creativity, innovation and meaningful logo and slogan.

Winners were:
I - Pavan H
II - Akshaya P
III - Sreesha C and U Priya

SFS College