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Debate: PG Dept of English - May 25, 2019

On 25th May, 2019, the PG Department of English’s literary club, ZELOS, organised a debate competition for the students. The topic of debate was "Is English Language Gaining more Popularity than the Regional Languages?". The students participated actively in the debate.

There were two rounds of debate and three participants on each side. In the first round, the participants argued supporting their viewpoint and the second round was rebuttal, where they presented their counter-arguments. The debate saw some heated arguments and it was well-received by the participants.

The judge, Dr. Divya Kumari, Asst. Professor of Journalism, PG Centre, noted down the key points and explained that we cannot underrate the functional aspects of the English language, at the same time, the wealth of regional languages should not be overlooked.
The debate ended with a note of thanks by Dr. Tharini, Asst. Professor of English.

SFS College