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Debate Activity: Dept Of Bcom – Feb 5, 2019

On 5th February, 2019, a debate was conducted on the topic “Social Media – For and Against” by the Dept of BCom for the IV Sem Students.

Rakshitha was the anchor-cum-moderator of the event. Volunteers were invited on stage. Around 8 students volunteered, initially. Thereafter, they were given the topic and asked to opt for either ‘for’ or ‘against’. 4 students (Felix, Jebin, Thomas, Prem) opted in favour of the topic and 4 others (Mary, Babu, Divya, Anuradha) opted against the topic. They were given 5 minutes to think about the topic and to discuss the same with their team members.

The team that opted in favour of the topic started the debate. They were countered by the other team. Both teams discussed many issues relating to this topic. The debate progressively became intense and serious. A few team members of both teams remained silent throughout and did not contribute to the discussion.

After some time, a few students (Rajmohan and Vidya) from the audience became interested to join the debate. The debate was carried out successfully. Many students became very excited and requested to have more of such debates on new topics in the forthcoming club activity hours.

The aim of the debate was to develop communication skills amongst students, to think logically, to be aware about what is happening around them, to be able to face challenges with grace.

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