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Corporate Quiz: Dept of BCom - Feb 21, 2019

An activity on Corporate Quiz was for the 2nd semester 'D' students on Feb 21, 2019.

The students of the entire class was divided into three groups, namely - Rockers, Orion & Statesmen. The quiz was divided into three groups of questions. The first group of question were related to the subject which the students have already studied or studying in their academics. The second group of questionnaire was called as Corporate Knowledge (Who’s Who). In this set of questions, the students were asked queries related to corporate leaders and their impact on the society to create a new society. The third group of questions were related to the General Knowledge. The last round of the quiz was called as Rapid Fire Round where each group was asked one question for which they had to answer that question in just 1 minute. The quiz led to a tie between Orion & Statesmen. The tie breaker question was answered by the Orion group and they were declared as winners of the Quiz. The quiz was hosted by Saurav Deb along with Navya John, under the leadership of Prof Sandhya.

SFS College