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Field Visit and Orientation Programme @ CADABAMS Rehabilitation
Centre: Dept of BA – Jan 29, 2019

On 29th January 2019, 19 students from 6th sem B.A with 2 lecturers went for a one-day field visit to CADABAMS Rehabilitation Centre with an aim to gain first-hand practical experience of the rehabilitation and health care setting.

The main objectives of this visit:
• The students get a first-hand experience of a psycho-social rehabilitation centre.
• Students will become aware of the functioning of rehabilitation centre.
• Students will gain knowledge on mental illness, special children, addiction issues, dual diagnosis.
• To gain knowledge on stigma and misconceptions about mental illnesses.
• Students can relate to mental illnesses that they have studied.

The team was guided by two counsellors namely Mr. Bibin Thomas and Mr. Sibi Mathew who explained in detail about the whole process and the functioning of their institution, and the specialty of their institution.

CADABAMS is serving the society in the field of mental health care for the past 26 years, which was founded by Mr. Ramesh Cadabam in the remembrance of his sister Ms. Amitha who was mentally challenged. They have four major campus namely Amitha campus- the main campus with males and females with various mental illness are treated, Anunitha campus is the de-addiction centre for males, Tristar campus is a highly facilitated campus for the residents with mental illness and the Adrutha campus for mentally challenged and geriatric residents. The institute functions with a team of psychiatrists, Psychologist, counsellors, general physicians, and other helping staffs. Here patients are termed as residents or clients as it is psychosocial rehabilitation health care centre. The counsellors explained the daily schedule of the rehab, from the time the residents wake, their breakfast, lunch timing, their medicine provided time, their physical activities and the recreational activities.

The students also had an individual interaction with a male and female residents. They shared their experience of their mental health issues, how they are dealing with it. Then there was an interaction session with the Mr. Rajshekar- the director who explained the admission process in details and a discussion with Dr. Anitha – a clinical psychologist, she explained the clinical aspect of mental health care, various mental disorders, rehabilitation process, the difference between a psychiatrist and psychologist. She also explained about case history taking, psychological therapies, and relapse maintenance.

There was an interactive session with a de-addiction counsellor Mr. Ronith Roy, who explained the process of addiction, types of addiction, treatments for addiction, relapse prevention programme and a had an overlook of the de-addiction centre.

Certificate of appreciation was given to the students. It was indeed a really a fruitful day with lots of learning, gaining first-hand experience of the field of clinical psychology and psychosocial rehabilitation. It was a well-recommended trip especially for psychology students in order to gain knowledge in the field of psychology, psychosocial rehabilitation and health care settings.

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