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Guest lecture on "Applications of Transforms" – Dept of BSC: Aug 6, 2019 Infinity 2019 - A week of Guest Lectures (Aug 5-10, 2019)

A guest lecture on “Applications of Transforms” was arranged by Department of Science on 06-08-2109 from 12.30 pm to 2.10 pm in the Auditorium as part of Infinity 2019. Mr. M. Meganadhan, Dept. of Mathematics, Sacred Heart College, Tripattur detailed on the applications of transforms using difference operator. The session was interesting with stories related to development of mathematics from natural numbers to the concept of operator. Mr. Meganadhan maintained the flow in his talk with his knowledge in the subject substantiated by a number of publications in referred journals. I, III and V sem BSc (MEC & PCM) and I sem BCA students attended the session.

Sumiksha and Sanjay Singh, I sem BSc (MEC) were the MCs for the session. Mr. M. Meganadhan was given a floral welcome by Prof. Roshini Anne Koshi, Department of Science at the beginning of the session and felicitated by Prof. Senthil Kumar, Department of Science at the end of the session.

This lecture is part of Infinity 2019 - a week of Guest Lectures being held from Aug 5-10, 2019.

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