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Guest lecture on “Signal processing and its applications – Dept of BSC: Aug 5, 2019 Infinity 2019 - A week of Guest Lectures (Aug 5-10, 2019)

A guest lecture on "Signal processing and its applications" was arranged by the Department of Science on 05-08-2109 from 12.30 pm to 2.10 pm in the Business lab. Dr. Naveenkumar R., Assistant professor, Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Bangalore elaborated on each and every aspects of signal processing and its various applications with experimental data. Dr. Naveen Kumar made the session very interactive by involving the students in answering some questions and by encouraging the students to ask questions. The session was attended by I , III and V sem BSc (MEC) students.

Ms. Roshini, V sem BSc (MEC) was the MC for the session. Dr. Naveen Kumar was given a floral welcome by Prof. Smrutee Markhedkar, Head, Department of Science at the beginning of the session and felicitated by Prof. Maya Mathew, Department of Science at the end of the session.

This lecture is part of Infinity 2019 - a week of Guest Lectures being held from Aug 5-10, 2019.

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