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Discussion on Article 370 - Procedure & Commercial Impact: Dept of BCOM: Aug 13, 2019

A session of club activity was held on 13th August 2019 for first year students of A section by their mentor Prof. Lavin. A. Bhawnani.

The session was held to explain commercial importance of revocation of Article 370 from state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Firstly it was explained how Article 370 came into existence and the history behind it. The formation of constituent assembly was explained and its powers.

The depth of procedure and planning of the government, behind the removal of article 370 was also explained. As the commerce students, they should know the history of Article 370 and the planning behind its removal and it's long term positive commercial impact on the Indian Economy. The impact of inflow of investments would be seen in the various sectors of business.

The overall session was informative and helpful in order to bring historical awareness among students and it's in understanding the commercial view point as the commerce students.

SFS College