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Visit to the Hebbagodi, Police Station, Bangalore - Department of Humanities: 24th September, 2019

The Bachelor of Humanities II Year Political Science students along with a Prof. Sampath Kumar R visited the Hebbagodi Police Station as a part of enhancing their academic knowledge. The purpose of the visit was to make students understand the structure of the police station, nature of duties, hierarchy of police officials etc. This move was also do away with the stereotypical fear everyone has of the police. The students were given an overview of the police station. Each officer was introduced with their specific functions. The students were then instructed on 'How to file their complaints and procedure of FIR' under the guidance of Sub-Inspector Mr. Shankarappa and Inspector Mr. Shekar. The Investigating Office, Mr. Arun then gave specific information to the students on how the station works, the number of officers that were allotted to each jurisdiction area etc. He also explained in brief the process of how the station works when a crime is reported. The students were given a tour of the Police Station where they got to witness the cells (where inmates reside), IT section and the camera control unit (CCTVs) and how they are used for surveillance. A brief class on ATM frauds, along with cyber-crimes and traffic violations was also conducted. The visit gave a lot of insights and information on the role, functioning and importance of police stations and the good efforts of the police department.

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