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“No to Plastic - Awareness Campaign” - Department of Humanities – October 23, 2019

Plastic is an environmental hazard. Undoubtedly, it is the need of the hour to make the public especially children aware of the bad effects of plastics. With this in view, SFS students of the Department of Humanities initiated a plastic ban awareness programme “Say No to Plastic” on October 23, 2019, at Primary School, Hebbagodi. Nearly 60 primary students took part in the programme.

The main objective of the programme was to make the students understand the need of regulating the use of plastics in the school premises, houses and their surroundings. The programme started with a motivational speech by one of the volunteers - Anusha R. She cautioned the students on the hazardous effects of the use of polythene bags and the improper disposal of plastic waste. She emphasized the fact that polythene is non-degradable product and cannot be eliminated without damaging the environment. Next was a puppet show based on the theme “No to Plastics”. Then the students were taught to make handmade paper covers in an easy way. The event concluded with fun filled activities like songs and games.

The volunteers started a club for the school students to handle and reduce the usage of plastic in the school premises. Several charts were displayed to highlight the above topic. The entire session was very informative, successful and mutually beneficial for both the volunteers and the school students. The volunteers got a first-hand experience in organizing a public programme and thereby got to exhibit their social responsibility.

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