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Guest lecture on "Journalism and its slant towards Politics" – Dept of BA: Aug 8, 2019 Infinity 2019 - A week of Guest Lectures (Aug 5-10, 2019)

The Department of Humanities organised a Guest Lecture on Aug 8, 2019 on the topic "Journalism and its slant towards Politics". The session was conducted by Dr. Jenin Raj, Head, Department of Humanities, St.Pauls College. He spoke about the malpractices in the field of journalism and how politics influences media and thereby manipulates real stories. He also discussed how political parties gives financial back up to media organisations in order to cover up political criminalisation.

The resource person built a good rapport with the students by discussing several controversial topic like the Pulwama attack, Article 370, Princess Diana's death through which the world witnessed media manipulation. The session undoubtedly threw light on the various realms of journalism and its slant towards politics. Journalism and Political Science students of all the 3 batches of BA benefitted from the session.

This lecture is part of Infinity 2019 - a week of Guest Lectures being held from Aug 5-10, 2019.

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