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Guest lecture on "Are criminals born or made?" - Dept of BA 01: Aug 5, 2019 Infinity 2019 - A week of Guest Lectures (Aug 5-10, 2019)

The Department of BA organized a guest lecture on the topic “Are criminals born or made?” on Aug 5, 2019. The session was handled by Ms. Janavi Prakash Nair, a Forensic psychologist and the Co- founder of ForePsyght. Currently she is working with the DGP of Karnataka, the Commissioner and Asst. of Police, Bengaluru and Commissioner of Chennai for introducing and implementing forensic practice in the service. She discussed the incidence of genetic inheritance, influence of Social and environmental factors in criminality by exemplifying some notorious criminal cases. She also illustrated the social and genetic approaches of deviant behaviors. Psychology students of all the three years along with their faculty members took part in the session. It was very informative and the new insights of Forensic Psychology would be really helpful to those who aspires to become future Psychologists.

This lecture is part of Infinity 2019 - A week of Guest Lectures being held from Aug 5-10, 2019.

SFS College