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Debate on “Automation is good for production” – Dept of BBA: February 7, 2020

As part of activity based learning initiatives, a debate competition was conducted for II Sem BBA ‘B’ students on February 7, 2020 in the Business Lab. The topic for the debate was “Automation is good for production”.

The two teams, each consisting of 5 members, were as following: Srivathsava, Prajwal, Vishwas, Oran Dzosa and Thousif; Sabitha, Sandhya Kumari, Sumaiya Banu, Anushka and Keerthana. The moderator of the debate session was Shyam.

Two minutes was allotted to each member to express his or her views. The event was filled with much information and enthusiasm. Prajwal and Sumaiya Banu were declared as the Best Debaters. The event was organized by Prof Geetha P.S.

SFS College