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AMIZADE 2019 - Alumni Association Gathering: Aug 25, 2019

Amizade 2019, the Alumni Association Gathering was held on Aug 25, 2019. Over 300 Alumni gathered together for a great time of sharing - reviving memories and renewing relationships! Rev Dr Roy, the Principal in his Address, appreciated the Alumni for their presence and invited them to discover the ‘treasure of goodness in and around to always remain joyful.’ He also lauded the efforts of all the Faculty Members for their constant accompaniment and support to all the students.

The program consisted of dance performances by the present students, entertaining games, displaying of nostalgic photos and videos, sharing of impressions by the faculty members and expressions by the Alumni and Elections to the Alumni Council.

The Alumni also came up with meaningful activities to contribute to the college with the following proposals:
(a) Creating an Alumni Sports Club for encouraging talent in various sports – especially softball, baseball, handball, football, cricket and basketball
(b) Forming a Cultural Unit which will enable the Alumni to have a platform to train the present students in various cultural activities
(c) Creating a Corpus Fund for supporting the education of deserving students
(d) Creating a database of all the Alumni especially on the College Website, with a special focus to reach out in blood donation to those in need.

Special congratulations to all the Committees for their efforts under the leadership of the Alumni Core Committee – Prof Roshny, Prof Annie and Prof Devichandrika.
Amizade is the Portuguese word for “Friendship” – a name that was given by Desalite Divya, an alumni of the 2005 Batch.

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