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Extension activity-Zero Budget Natural Farming: 13 November 2021 - Dept. of Psychology (PG)

The Department of Psychology, Postgraduate Centre engaged in an extension activity on 13 th November 2021. The place of visit was SOS Children’s Village, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. The students and faculty of the department was a part of “Zero Budget Natural Farming” project which was kickstarted on 13 th of November, 2021 as a part of Children’s Day.

Objective of the session was to provide an exposure to the students to opportunities outside their curriculum. Through the natural farming activity, students also got to be part of a sustainable initiative. This activity rendered students with the opportunity to engage and explore activities outside their curriculum and inculcate social commitment. 11 students and 3 faculties of the postgraduate department of Psychology was part of the activity.

A brief introduction of “Zero Budget Organic Farming” concept and how the village decided to take up sustainability as one of its mottos. The students were then taken to the field where they were given a hands-on training and orientation on natural farming. Mr. Ramchandra Murthy, who leads the project of zero budget farming at SOS explained in detail each and every step involved in natural farming. He showed different varieties of organic seeds and saplings to the students and showed them different ways to handle and plant them. The day’s activity ended with a video session on natural farming.

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