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SURABHI: Competition - 13th March, 2020 - Dept. of Hindi

SURABHI, Department of Hindi, organised activities for students in Even Semester - Essay writing competition and Pick & Speak were activities for this competition. This competition was conducted on 13/03/2020. All faculty members of the Hindi department as well as other departments were present. Hindi students of all streams –BA/BBA/BCOM/BSC/BCA along with participants were present. The Judge were Prof. Swati Pahawa, Dept. of BBA and Dr Smrity Prasad, HOD, BCA. Activities like Pick & Speak is one of the best activities for students. Hindi Students Participated very actively in this competition. More than 50 topics had been collected for this competition. Each student had to pick one chit and speak on the same topic. Each student had a different opinion on every topic. It was one of the best activities for the students to express their thoughts and feelings and opinions on the topic they picked. The Essay writing event also had many participants. The topic for the essay writing competition was decided for students. Essay writing competition is an expanded area of literature. Essay opens the path of expression in a systematic manner.. It gave them the opportunity to pen down their thoughts , ideas, quotes, proverbs, etc. More than 40 Students participated in this competition. Students were very much interested to participate in these events. It was a wonderful programme conducted by the Hindi.

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