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Hands on Session on “Structuring an Effective Research Paper”: 23 April 2021 – Department of Computer Science in association with Research & IP cell

An activity on “Structuring an effective Research Paper” was organised by Research & IP cell in association with Computer Science department on 23 April 2021.This activity was held for the faculty members of the above department. Dr. Lokanayaki was the resource person for the day. The session was divided into three parts. Firstly, the speaker Dr. Lokanayaki – Elaborated on “How to do Review of literature?” which was followed by “Selecting Base Paper and Performing Review” by Prof. Sailaja M and “How to Write a review paper?” by Ms. Lakshmi CB.

The speaker explained in detail on how to structure an effective research paper. Key Objectives included - how to narrow your topic and select papers accordingly, to search for literature and read the selected articles thoroughly and evaluate them. How to organize the selected papers by looking for patterns and by developing subtopics which helps to develop a thesis or purpose statement. And finally, to write the paper and review it. This session was supported by the faculty presentation so that students understand the concept better.

Prof. Sailaja presented her sample research paper on “Dyslexia learning difficulty using Machine Learning”. She explained how to make the review of literature from a few selected research articles and described the flow as to how a review should look like. This was followed by “How to Write a Systematic Review of a Paper”, which was presented by Prof. Lakshmi CB who summarized the steps for a Systematic Review. The session ended with queries and discussions by the participants.

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