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Stress Management for non teaching staff - 2nd February, 2021 - Faculty Enrichment Cell

A session on ‘‘Stress Management’ was organised by the Faculty Enrichment Cell for the non- teaching staff. Prof. Mamtha from the department of BCOM was the speaker. The objective of this session was to enable the non-teaching staff to have an understanding of stress management. The participants got introduced to the areas which lead to stress and how it impacts the health and techniques to overcome stress. The resource person explained how they should handle stress and the techniques to overcome work pressure and emotional challenges at work and in personal life. The speaker emphasised on better ways to manage time and how to get more work done with less stress if planned rightly. Prof. Mamatha also stated that not being able to talk about one’s needs and concerns creates stress and can create negative feelings worse. She said that people who have a strong network of family and friends manage stress better. Ma’am also suggested ways to seek help - Talking to a friend or family member, meet a counselor. Prof. Mamatha ended the session by stating that ‘Laughter really can be the best medicine.’

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