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National Webinar on Start-Up India – Stock Market and Derivatives: 19 th May 2021 – Department of Commerce

ACME - Association of Commerce and Managerial Excellence, an association of the Department of Commerce had organized a 2-Day National Level Webinar on Start- Up India – Contemporary Trends In Investment Management & Start – Ups under the leadership of Prof. Druva Kumar K S – the HOD of Commerce and Prof. Johnson Pereira – Coordinator of Commerce. The topic for discussion on Day-2 was Stock Market and Derivatives. The speaker, Mr. Rahul Singh founded Wealth management firm Tycho investing with an aim to bring hedge fund management to the laymen’s fingertips. Also founded education start-up ArthaChanakya with the aim to impart practical capital knowledge to students. He is an author of a book Fun-Fin Stories which aims to bring in Financial Literacy via stories.

This National webinar was organized for the faculty as well as research scholars throughout the Nation. A total of 99 participants attended on the second day. Objective: To Convey the overall product available in the stock markets and use of such product to gain a deeper insight in the world’s riskiest profession. Also, to give an outlook of future projection of the finance filed. The theory aspects of Stock markets were dealt so that the participants would refresh and understand their importance. Concepts such as Equity and how and why derivatives were introduced in the financial markets were discussed. The usefulness of these various financial instruments in different market scenarios with different set of capital and risk ability were emphasised. Various opportunities were identified during the session by Participants. Overwhelming feedback were received from the participants by the end of the Webinar.

SFS College