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E-Commerce And Data Analytics For Start-Ups_Department of Commerce_12th January, 2021

A Guest lecture was held on 12th January, 2021 on the topic " E-commerce and Data Analytics for Start-ups". The session was organized by the Department of Commerce for the final-year students. Dr. Badrinath. M. N, Associate Professor, Imperial College of Management, Bangalore was the resource person for the session. The pre-recorded YouTube video was played to the students by the respective class mentors using the zoom platform. The objective of the guest lecture was to make the students understand and critically apply the concepts and methods of business analytics for start-ups.

Dr. Badrinath. M. N explained how Data Analytics / Business Analytics seems to be a magic wand for many businesses today and how it has impacted the growth of many start-ups. He also pointed out how business analytics is influencing our day-to-day life. The session was attended by more than 250 students. It fostered the students with an ability to critically analyze, synthesize and solve complex unstructured business problems.

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