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Skill development programs- Department of Science- Desalite Skill Development Centre (DSDC-2021)- 29 January 2021.

Various clubs of the Department of Science, along with the Desalite Skill Development Centre (DSDC) organised three skill development programmes on 29 th January 2021. The session on “Basic skills in Mathematics” was conducted by the Maths π Rates club and Prof. Roshini was the resource person for it. Session on “Career Counseling” was conducted by the Eureka association and Prof. Maruthi. C. V was the resource person for the same. The third session for the day was on “Preparation of ppts” by the Kanika Association and Prof. Swathi.S was the resource person for the session. The skill development helped students to equip themselves with the skills necessary for entering workforce and for enhancing performance at work.

SFS College