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Four Desalites along with a Faculty member took part in an Action Research activity on the topic 'Masculinities, Youth & Violence' with respect to Anekal area on July 11, 2019. The activity is done in collaboration with SIEDS, an NGO focussed on women empowerment.

Several local government representatives and NGO activists also participated. Students collected data from one of the key informants Mr. Patapat Nagaraj, a panchayat member. He shared all his memories and experiences in Anekal area for the last several decades as a person who has witnessed its growth. He informed regarding the political, economic and social changes and the deterioration of some traditional occupations in that area. The rapid growth of IT industry and its impact in Anekal area was also highlighted. He also emphasized the gradual changes in women's social status and the triggering factors of women empowerment in Anekal.

The research process was a good first-hand learning experience for the students. This action research is being monitored under the leadership of Prof Kusuma and Prof Elizabeth Abraham.

SFS College