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UG Student Council Election: 18 th November 2021 - Student Council Committee

Student Council plays a major role in the functioning of the curriculum. The council members will be responsible for communication between the student’s community and college management. Electing bodies for effective functioning is the first step. The student council election would also build sense of responsibility and sense of owning. It also cultivates civic sense among students. Student Council Election for the Academic Year 2021-22 was planned on 18 th November 2021.

Phase I: Electing Class Representatives was planned on 17.11.2021. Procedure, rules and eligibility criteria for nominating themselves for Class Representatives was circulated. Based on the number of votes received Class Representative (boy and girl), class cultural and sports representatives were elected from each class.

Phase II: Circular was sent to each of the class with eligibility criteria for students to nominate for the posts given. The main Student Council Election was held on 18.11.2021. The voting system was online through Linways Technology. With the help of ICT member, the final list of votes received for each class was saved into pdf. The sixth hour of the day was fixed for counting. Arrangements were made to show the votes to list to student. Votes for each person displayed to the nominees, through which they could track their votes. Totalling was done and the final list of winners were prepared. Winners’ names were announced and their consent was taken to take up responsibilities for the post. The whole process of Student Council Election brought in sense of responsibility and gave students opportunity to express their talents and work for their fellow community.

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