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Date of Event(s) 26-01-2024
Department/Association/Cell/Committee NCC
Venue (Mention the platform if it is online) ST. FRANCIS DE SALES COLLEGE, HEBBAGODI
Number of Participants 100
Target Audience 200
Resource Person(s) with qualification(if applicable) UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF ASSOCIATE NCC OFFICER CAPT. SAMPATH KUMAR R
Place of visit/ details of Industrial Visit place(if applicable): ST. FRANCIS DE SALES COLLEGE, HEBBAGODI
Event Coordinator CAPT. SAMPATH KUMAR R


On 26th of January 2024, NCC cadets of St. Francis de sales college belonging to 1/1 COY ARMY WINGS of 1KAR BN NCC conducted Republic Day celebration total of 100 cadets.

The Republic Day celebration was a grand affair filled with patriotism and enthusiasm. The event commenced with the hoisting of the national flag by a special guest, James Manjakal. The sight of the tricolor fluttering in the air filled everyone's hearts with pride and joy.

Following the flag hoisting, the chief guest delivered an inspiring speech, highlighting the significance of Republic Day and the values it represents. Their words resonated with the audience, instilling a sense of unity and determination.

The ceremony also included a prize distribution segment, where exceptional individuals were honored for their remarkable achievements. It was a moment of recognition for their hard work and dedication across various fields.

The participation of NCC, RR, and KCD. The cultural program was a vibrant display of our rich heritage and diversity, delivering mesmerizing performances that showcased their talents.

there were various competitions held to engage and entertain the attendees. These activities allowed individuals to showcase their talents and skills, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and camaraderie.

Groups like Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta that showcased their disciplined formations and synchronized drills showcased their commitment and training.

The presence of ex-cadets added a nostalgic touch to the celebration. Their experience and wisdom served as a source of inspiration for the younger generation. It was a beautiful reminder of the legacy and values that bind us together as a nation. To keep everyone refreshed and energized, the refreshments were provided

Overall, the Republic Day celebration was a resounding success, filled with moments of pride, inspiration, and unity.

We would like to thank our Commanding Officer Col M R Suresh, Adam Officer Lt Col Ravindra Singh, Principal Rev Fr Binu, Vice Principal Rev Fr Jijo Jose and our ANO Capt. Sampath Kumar R for providing us this wonderful opportunity.

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