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Guest Lecture on “Readiness and Coping Skills”: 28 th July 2021 – Department of Psychology, Postgraduate Centre

Readiness is a state which links effective preparedness to efficient relief, resulting from preparation, capacity for prompt action and an attitude of willingness. Readiness as coping skills would enable students to build on strengths to handle situations in life and also have effective work-life balance. Dept. of Psychology, Postgraduate Centre organized a Guest Lecture on “Readiness and Coping Skills” for Postgraduate students on 28 th July 2021.

Mr. Samuel Rukshshan Thevapriyan, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology, Christ Academy Institute for Advanced Studies, Bengaluru was invited to address students. He addressed the students about the right choice to be made to feel satisfied and how coping skills equally play an important role in that. Mr. Samuel listed the coping skills and explained in detail with examples. Effectiveness of coping skills for better balance in life was made very clear during the session. Justifying the role playing with satisfaction and healthy practices for the same was elucidated.

Department of Psychology aims at building strengths of students and thus the session was very interactive and enriching. Students expressed their feelings and also clarified several doubts during question-and-answer session.

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